Labour Educationalists

ALEKSANDER Tadeusz - born in 1938. Employed at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Head of the Department of Social Pedagogy and Adult Education at the Institute of the Philosophy Department.
Education: pedagogical studies 1962, a doctorate in 1968, a post-doctoral degree with habilitation in 1975 and the title of professor in 1994. In 2002 appointed to the position of full professor at the Jagiellonian University. The main direction of scientific work: theory and practice of learning and education (also by culture) of adults. Publications: Determinants of cultural participation of the rural population (PWN, 1974), Ways of cultural activation of the working people (CRZZ University Press, 1980), Optimisation of general non-formal education of adults (UJ Publishing, 1982), Andragogy. University students' workbook. (Publisher GENS, 2002). Scope of work: the functioning of the adoption of agricultural units in the rural environment, the question of the functioning of non-formal professional education of adults in the workplace, functioning the training and vocational training centres, education and working conditions of selected handicrafts categories (Professional ethics of the service sector workers, Cracow 1977) and the periodization of the professional development of human (Human development - opportunities, barriers, educational challenges, Ostrowiec Sw., 2001).
He cooperates with several foreign universities (Germany, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary). The content of cooperation is to share experiences on research on vocational education and training of adults.

AULEYTNER Julian Marian - social politician, born in 1948. Graduated from the Social-Economic Faculty at the School of Economics (Spies) in 1969. At the university obtained a doctorate degree in economic sciences in 1977 and a post-doctoral degree with habilitation in the field of social policy in 1987. In 1995 he was awarded the title of professor. Between: 1977-1988 he worked at the Institute of Labour and Social Affairs and from 1988 to the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science. In 1988 he was a holder of a scholarship of the Conrad Adenauer Foundation in Germany (Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Passau, Cologne). He has been a President of the Polish Society of Social Policy since 2001. In 1993-1995, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Social Policy under the President of the Republic of Poland. In 1993, as President of ZG TWP (The Society of Public Knowledge) founded WSP TWP (The Higher School of Pedagogy of the Society of Public Knowledge) and he is the rector of the university. In 1992-2001 he was a lecturer at universities in the country and abroad (in Greece and Spain). A member of the following Committees: Science of Labour and Social Policy and Forecasts Poland 2000 + at the Presidium of Academy of Sciences (PAN).
He published over 200 papers, including Social Policy. Status and Perspectives (co-editor) 1994, 1995; Social Policy between idea and action, 1994, Institutions of social policy, 1996, Social policy for people with disabilities (co-editor), 1996; Social Policy. Theory and practice, 1997; Theoretical problems in the science of social policy co-editor (co-editor), 1999, Social Policy. Theory and organization, 2000, Polish social issues at the turn of the century (co-editor), 2001, About wise social policy (ed.), 2002. He was awarded the Order of the Rebirth of Poland in 2001. He is an honorary citizen of Czluchow.

BEDNARCZYK Henryk -  born in 1943, A doctor of Humanities (a post-doctoral degree with habilitation); a professor at the Institute for Sustainable Technology in Radom, since 1986 Deputy Director of Education and Development in ITeE, Head of Education Department of Labor Pedagogy at the Higher School of Pedagogy - Polish Teachers' Union (ZNP) in Warsaw, since 1998 Vice-Chairman of Education Working Group of the Committee of Pedagogical Sciences (PAN), member of the Ukrainian Academy of Pedagogical Sciences and Russian Academy of Vocational Training. A member of the Labour Protection Council of the VII-th term of Polish Seym. Between: 1975 - 1987 the plant manager, dean at the Technical University of Radom.
He graduated from the Moscow Technical Institute of Light Industry (1973). Doctor of Technical Sciences (1977), Doctor of Humanities in the field of pedagogy (1997) - Institute of Technical Training Professionally-Russian Academy of Pedagogical Sciences. Scientific Specialty: work pedagogy, theoretical and methodological construction of a tiered system of vocational education, training module, the quality of education, and standards of professional qualifications, educational standards. The creator of the Center of Work Pedagogy in Radom, a network of over 80 cooperating universities, institutions and schools across Europe. Initiator and executor of several joint national and international research and educational projects, publications and grants of KBN, Phare projects, Leonardo da Vinci, Jean Monet (total amount: over 50). He is an author or co-author of 15 books, editor of over 40 publications and over 250 articles and published papers. Approximately 50 papers were published in foreign languages (Russian, English, German and Czech).
The main publications: Professional tasks and training of mechanics, 1996; Education and Professional Development and the Local Labour Market, 1992; Pedagogy of work towards the challenges of modernity, 1995; Modulnaja sistema niepreryvnogo profesionalnogo obrazovania, Sankt Petersburg 1999; Manager Vademecum of education, 2000; International cooperation in scientific research and education, 2000. Scientific editor of the monographic book series Library of Labour Pedagogy (from 1993 there were over 100 titles), editor of the scientific-research quarterly of Polish Journal of Continuing Education (since 1993) In 1999 he organized the local Sycyna Educational Association, doctoral seminars for teachers, editor in chief of the 12 volumes of the Library of Sycyna. He is a prize winner of the awards: the name of Staszic, The Voivodship Marshall of Masovia District (2001), Radomianin of the Year (2000), awarded the Medal of the National Education Commission, a number of honors including Knight's Cross of the Order of Rebirth of Poland (1997).

CICHY Danuta - born in 1933. Gained a title of full professor in biology didactic and environmental protection. She graduated from the University of Lodz and obtained a doctorate at the Institute of Ecology Polish Academy of Sciences (1965-1970). Qualifying as assistant professor at Jagiellonian University in Krakow (1980). Scientific researcher and the Head of Natural Subject Department at the Institute of Educational Programs (1972-1986). Professor and Head of School Youth Research at the Institute for Youth Research in Warsaw (1986-1990). Full professor of biology didactic and environmental protection at The Higher School of Pedagogy in Kielce (at present The University of Humanities and Science, 1977 - 2003). Professor at the Institute for Educational Research (since 1990) Head of the Department of pre-school and early-school pedagogy at the Higher School of Pedagogy in Warsaw, (since 2003). Between: 1977-2000 chief editor of quarterly magazine Biology at School for teachers. Since 2002 she has been the editor in chief of the magazine Inspired Innovations. Biological and Environmental Education.
The main directions of scientific work: Biology didactic and environmental protection - design of programs, theory of textbooks and teaching resources, Environmental education - creating the concept with particular emphasis on children and adolescents; Teachers' training to teach science and environmental protection to different levels of education. Teaching early-school pedagogy with particular emphasis on environmental education. Promoted more than 200 Masters of Science and nine Doctors. The author of over 350 scientific and academic articles for the general public. Major books: Conservation and Environmental Management at the schooll, 1975, Preparing youth for Environmental Protection and Management, 1984, Didacting games in the teaching of biology at primary school (1990), School monograph: Our village, a guide for teachers, 2001. Decorations: Gold Cross of Merit, Order of the Rebirth of Poland, awards of Chancellor of The University of Humanities and Science and Minister of National Education.

KACZOR  Stanisław,born in 1924. Employed at the Higher School of Management and Administration in Opole as the position of professor, at the Institute for Sustainable Technologies in Radom and at the Higher School of Pedagogy of the Society of Public Knowledge in Warsaw.
Education: Master's degree in Pedagogy at UW - 1959, obtained a doctorate at the University of Warsaw in 1971, post-doctoral degree with habilitation (qualifying as assistant professor) at the UW - 1978. He obtained a title of associate professor in 1983 and full professor of the humanities received in 1989.
His career life: teacher in Rachany near Tomaszow Lub. (1946-1948), a regional leader of the Polish Scouting Organization in Lublin (1949-1954), teacher in Warsaw (1954-1959), teacher and Deputy Director at the Teacher-training school in Warsaw (1959-1969), Deputy Director of the Department of Economic and Educational Studies (1969-1972); Scientific Secretary, Deputy Director and Director at the Institute of Vocational Training (IKZ) in Warsaw (1972-1990). Over 10 years he collaborated with the Institute for Sustainable Technologies in Radom. Still active in the Association of Polish Educators. Scientific editor of the scientific-research quarterly of Polish Journal of Continuing Education, executive editor of Labour Pedagogy.
Publications: Modernization of Vocational Education (ed.), Warsaw, 1977; A guide in the new system of vocational education (ed.), Warsaw 1978, A teacher in non -formal training of adults, Warsaw, 1981; Education in selected countries of the socialist system, Warsaw, 1982; Work of teaching in non-formal education of adults, Warsaw, 1985, Education at a vocational school (co-author S. Titus). Warsaw 1987; To create conditions for the development of educational personnel. Szczecin 1998, Association of Polish Educators. Monographic outline for the twentieth anniversary of activity. Warsaw - Torun, 2001.

KWIATKOWSKI Stefan Michał, born in 1948. Institute for Educational Research - director.
Education: MEng - Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Automation) - 1971, a doctorate in Technical Sciences - Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Automation - IT) - 1975, a post-doctoral degree with habilitation of the humanities - University of Humboldt in Berlin - 1989; the title of professor of the humanities - 1994. Employment career: assistant professor - Warsaw University of Technology 1975-1991, senior lecturer, professor - Institute for Educational Research, Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Pedagogical Sciences PAN (since 2003). A Member at the Board of Advisers at the European Vocational Training Foundation (since 1997). Chief Editor of the quarterly Education (since 2000). A member of the Ukrainian Academy of Pedagogical Sciences (since 2003).
Publications (selected books): Multilevel teaching - 1984, Teaching and learning computer-aided - 1987, Elements of Pedagogy - 1990, Computer im Bildungsprozess - 1992, Computers in education and school management - 1994, Fundamentals of modular education (co-authors: Czeslaw Plewka, Urszula Jeruszka) - 1995, The education system in Poland (co-authors: Andrew Bogaj, Miroslaw J. Szymanski) - 1997, New conditions of school education (ed.) - 1998, Education in the process of social changes (co-authors: Andrew Bogaj, Miroslaw J. Szymanski) - 1998, Education in Poland in the process of social changes (co-authors: A. Bogaj, Miroslaw J. Szymanski ) - 1999, Construction of professional qualification standards in Poland (ed., co-editor: Sophia Sepkowska) - 2000, Developing professional qualification standards in Poland (ed., co-editor: Sophia Sepkowska) - 2000, Vocational training. The labor market. Employers (ed.) - 2000, Media infrastructure of schools (co-authors: Andrew Bogaj, Grazyna Mlynarczyk) - 2000, Structural changes in vocational training in 1990-2000, Standards of professional qualifications. Theory - Methodology - Projects (ed., co-editor K. Symela - 2001: Vocational education. The dilemmas of theory and practice - 2001: The standards of equipment and media of general education - Gymnasium (ed., co-editor: Andrew Bogaj) - 2002, Adjustment of structure and content of vocational education to labor market needs - in terms of changes in the education system - 2002; Standards of professional qualifications and educational standards. Relationship-Models-Application. (editor and co-editor I. Wozniak) - 2002.
Awards and decorations: Medal of the National Education Commission - 1984, Silver Cross of Merit - 1994, Gold Cross of Merit - 1997, Knight's Cross - 2001.

NOWACKI Tadeusz Wacław, born in 1913. Education: study at the Jagiellonian University, Krakow 1938, doctor's degree in 1946, the title of the assistant professor 1957, the title of professor 1960, full professor 1970, associate professor in the Pedagogical Department of Jagiellonian University, Krakow 1937 - 1938.
Work experience: Teacher in the National Pedagogical Department in Lodz 1938, a delegate the authority of the Provisional Government of the Educational System Department 1945. Teacher in WSP, Lodz 1946-49, head of the Department of Pedagogy 1946-49, Dean of the Faculty of Social Agronomy 1946, Counsellor at the Center Office of Vocational Training 1949-1955, organizer of the Department of Education. 1955-1962, the organizer of the Department of Vocational Training 1962-1972; lecturer: at the Jagiellonian University Krakow from 1958-1959, WSP, Krakow 1960-1962; Vocational Training Institute, Warsaw: organizer and director. 1972-1983, retired professor 1983, currently the head of department of social pedagogy and rehabilitation in the WSP TWP Warsaw, editor of the Library of the Vocational Training 1967-83, a member of the Historical Education Review; committee member of the Educational Sciences Committee of PAN 1950-, a member of scientific councils of MON, CRS "Samopomoc Chlopska" 1967-89, Institute of Vocational Training (IKZ), Labor Protection Institute 1980-1990;a member of Society of Promotion of Practical Knowledge (Deputy President 1960-1964); TWP (Deputy President 1968-1971); Society of Moral Culture, president of the Enthusiast of the Crafts Company. Achievements: creator of a new scientific discipline in Poland - labour pedagogy; development of the theory of education through work; design Libraries of Vocational Training and Labour Library Series of Great teachers. Publications: 1000 dissertations and articles (including about 50 in foreign languages), editor of over 130 scientific and academic volumes for the general public, 39 books, including Biographical Briefcase of the pupil 1960, Elements of Psychology 1965, Military Didactics (in Serbian) 1966, Fundamentals of professional didacticism in 1971 (in Russian-1979), Work and Education 1980, Learning and training of the employees .The outline of the work andragogy 1983, together with the team "ZET"; 1996 and New Dictionary of Labour Education 2000, co-authors Barbara Baraniak and Kazimiera Korabiowska-Nowacka, Arduous Life of Helena Spoczyńska - second edition 2000, Job-knowing 1999, With Poland in the heart. The thing about Wiktor Ambroziewicz 2001.
Awards: the Knight's Cross and Commander's Cross, Distinguished Teacher and other.

WIATROWSKI Zygmunt Jerzy, born in 1928. Education: He graduated from The Higher School of Pedagogy (WSP) in Gdansk in 1951; pedagogical studies in Gdansk in 1961; a doctorate in 1969; a post-doctoral degree with habilitation in 1975; the title of professor in 1988.
His career life: a teacher and a headmaster of secondary schools and at The Higher School of Pedagogy (WSP) in Bydgoszcz, 1974; a founder of the first Labour Pedagogy Plant in Poland - 1976, The Higher School of Pedagogy (WSP) of the Society of Public Knowledge (TWP) in Olsztyn - 1990s. Promoter: 20 doctors.
About 300 publications, including 12 books and 15 editorial works: The training of teachers of vocational schools (with M. Godlewski - 1971), Successes and failures at school of working people (1975); Labour pedagogy in brief (1980 and 1985 pub. PWN), Teacher of a vocational school (1982.1987); Philately among children and adolescents (1988); A vocational school teacher - in the past - today - tomorrow (1990 and 1993); Fundamentals of labour pedagogy (1994.1997, 2000); Thoughts and pedagogical activities (2001); Thoughts and philatelic action (2002); Successes and failures of professional activities (2002).
Rich philatelic activities: co-founder and managing for 10 years of the Polish Academy of Philately and since 2001 its honorary president. Autobiography: Thoughts and philatelic action 2002.
Decorations: Knight's Cross of the Order of the Rebirth of Poland, 1988, Medal of the National Education Commission 1975, Badge of the Distinguished Teacher and several awards from the Minister, the Governor and the Rector, all the highest awards of the Polish Academy of Philatelists.

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