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Labour Pedagogy - the scientific subdiscipline, where the subject of research remains a work of a human being, its multiple determinants, social and educational impact on the unit, in particular important aspects of the relationship among these are: man - education - work. The labour pedagogy is consist of all these systems and objectively-of content connections, by which, above all the idea of preparing the man to his vocational career is scrolling, but also the idea of a successful and effective multilateral human participation in this work. Therefore, the labour pedagogy should be understood as the pedagogic discipline, for which the problems of interest are the problems of education through work, the general - technical education, the sense of orientation, the career guidance and counseling, pro-professional education, vocational and educational training, adults' and unemployed continuing vocational education and also educational and humanize of workplace (Wiatrowski Z., "Pedagogical Encyclopedia of the XXI century", Volume IV, Warsaw 2005, p. 197-198).

Sections of labour pedagogy:
1. Training and education of pre- training (from 4 to 16 years).
2. Pro-vocational education (from 16 to 19 years).
3. Vocational education (from 16 to 24 years).
4. Activity in the labour market and further education (from 18 to the end of human life).

Research area:
family house, kindergarten and school and other centers of education by working and shaping the personality of a young man; schools and other centers (institutions) fulfilling the function of preparing the youth to consciously choice of a career (family house, comprehensive school, youth organizations, mass media, etc); school and other educational and performing educational preparation for professional work (including the workplace); learning centers for working and unemployed, including schools for working people, courses and postgraduate studies, workplaces and community organization engaged in promoting various forms of continuing professional education; centers conducting research on the organization and effectiveness of education and training; establishments regarded as a significant environmental educational actions (Pedagogical Encyclopedia, Volume IV, Warsaw 2005, p. 203).
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