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Labour Pedagogy

Ladies and Gentlemen!

In 2008 Poland celebrated 36-th anniversary of the scientific subdiscipline "labour pedagogy", which initiated the Professor Tadeusz W. Nowacki and his colleagues Prof. Stanislaw Kaczor and Prof. Zygmunt Wiatrowski.

Despite the young age - as a scientific discipline - labour pedagogy has gained significant academic achievements that fulfill very important role in the complex of other science related topics. High activity of the labour educationalists' environment in the Committee of Pedagogical Sciences PAN (Polish Academy of Sciences), the development of research personnel, periodicals and publishing companies, numerous seminars and conferences, national and international projects and thousands of students studying the labour pedagogy is a concrete evidence of practical usefulness of this kind of scientific sub discipline.

The real instrument for 33 years (1975-2008) enabling dissemination, promotion and valorization of knowledge about pedagogy of work is czasopismo "the journal "Labour Pedagogy". It had two periods of its functioning. The first covered years 1975-1990 and it was associated with the activities of Institute of Vocational Training (IKZ) in Warsaw - the first publisher of the journal. The second phase is being dated from 1991 and it lasts up till today and the publishing duties took over the Institute for Sustainable Technologies - National Research Institute (IteE-PIB) in Radom. Today, we can say about continuity of "Labour Pedagogy" as the magazine and its mission in development of the theory and subordinated practice, including problems of education through the work, professionalism, vocational training, counseling and vocational guidance.
Labour Pedagogy is a biannual, nation-wide scientific journal. Total accumulated knowledge base including 51 volumes of journals. We can find there dissertations, the development of scientific and methodological elaborations, case studies, proposals of innovative solutions, announcements from examinations and implementations.

The magazine is being addressed in particular to scientific researchers, academic lecturers and teachers, students, education staff and public employment services, guidance counselors and specialists in human resources development.

The "Labour Pedagogy" is on the list of journals published on 15th November 2007 by the Ministry of Science and higher Education for the parametric evaluation of research units , with two points allocated (Part B of the list, position 431).

Source of information: Minister letter, a list of journals.



 Institute of Sustainable Technologies - PIB in Radom

Chief editor:

 Krzysztof Symela, Ph.D.

Tel. 48 364 42 41 ext. 262

Deputy editor:

 Czesław Plewka, Ph.D.



 Miroslaw Zurek, M.Sc.

 Tel. 48 364 42 41 ext. 271




Guidelines for authors of articles considered for publication "Labour Pedagogy":

  1. The journal editorial office welcomes original material in the field of research, analysis, national and international projects concerning relations: human-job-education.
  2. Manuscripts should be no more than 10 pages in length (30 lines of 60 characters); information about conferences and book reviews should not exceed 5 pages.
  3. Authors are requested to supply one hard copy of the manuscript-submitted to the editor or the secretary as well as its electronic version (floppy disc 3/4'', CD-ROM or email).
  4. A manuscript should be written in MS Word 6.0/95 or higher in Times New Roman CE (M Word 6.0/95, 7.0/97) or Times New Roman (M Word 9.0/2000) 11-point font and single space between lines.
  5. Manuscripts should include the title, key words describing the content of the paper, summary (one in Polish and one in English), introduction, main text with subheadings defining the sections of the paper and the annotations, bibliography.
  6. Required information about the author(s) (author(s) name(s), each author's professional affiliation, mailing address and email, telephone number and fax number).
  7. Authors receive one copy of the Journal.
  8. The editor reserves the customary right to style and if necessary shorten material accepted to publication.

Articles are presented in the following chapters:

  • Thesis
  • Reports and announcements
  • Reviews and notes
  • Events

The articles proposed by the authors are reviewed by the specialists who are recognized in the scientific environment. The positive review decides to publish the article in the journal.

The cost of issue: 15 PLN

Archive issues


52, 2008 -  Cover, Contents


51, 2007 -  Cover, Contents

50, 2007 -  Cover, Contents


49, 2006 - Cover, Contents, Pełne opracowanie

48, 2006 -  Cover, Contents, Pełne opracowanie

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