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Polish Journal of Continuing Education

The scientific-research quarterly has been published since 1993. Altogether 75 volumes, 70 350 copies in B5 format of 120–160 pages have been published so far, in edition of average circulation/subscription 600 copies.
The mission of the journal is to undertake actual scientific problems concerning vocational continuing education, andragogy and adult education in Poland and in the world. 1/3 of the articles being published in the journal constitutes international publications or considers European and worldwide projects.
Articles deal with the theory, methodology of work pedagogy, andragogy, professional counseling, educational problems of the labour market. The journal is addressed to scientific employees, organizers, lecturers, trainers in continuing education, students and people interested in and dealing with education, vocational development and improvement, reskilling.
The authors of published articles are scholars from Polish and international universities, research institutes, experienced practitioners, organizers of continuing education and junior researchers, including among others: T. Aleksander, S. Kwiatkowski, Zb. Kwieciński, T. Lewowicki, T. Nowacki, J. Półturzycki and from abroad: M. Auer, B. Bartz, A. Bielajeva, N. Greger, W. Höhn, E. Kreker, L. Mats, N. Niczkało, Samlowski, H. Schmidt.
The articles are reviewed. All articles include title, summary and key words in English. Indexing: The journal keeps 7 scores according to the list of the National Ministry of Science and Higher Education (, also registered in CEJSH (The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities). The Programme Council constitute scholars and practitioners recognized in Polish and European scientific milieu, including Sue Waddington (EAEA); Michael Auer (IGIP); Berthold Kuhn (EVBB); Prof. Igor Smirnov (Russia). The chairman of the Council is Prof. Tadeusz Aleksander. Auspices and cooperation: European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA); International Society for Engineering Education (IGIP); Europäischen Verbandes Beruflicher Bildungsträger (EVBB); Adult Pedagogy Team and Work Pedagogy Team of the Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences.
Publisher – Work Pedagogy of Innovative Economy Centre of the Institute for Sustainable Technologies – National Research Institute in Radom (ITeE-PIB) (1st group in the categorization of the scientific-research institutes); co-publishers (6 associations and universities).
Scientific Editor: Henryk Bednarczyk. Professor, head of Work Pedagogy of Innovative Economy Centre in ITeE-PIB. Manager of national and international projects in the area of vocational continuing adult education, pedagogy of work, innovative modular curricula, EQF, professional standards. Member of editorial boards of journals and international networks: EAEA, EVBB, IGIP. Author, co-author and chief-in-editor of over 300 publications. Editor of the monographic series Library of Work Pedagogy (242 volumes, 156 900 copies). tel. +48 48 3644778
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